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Orbis Drone Services Launched

Orbis Drone Services Launched

Today marks an important milestone, the official launch of Orbis Drone Services. It’s been quite a journey getting here. I started in the late summer of 2018 with an interest in adding aerial images to the offerings of Heirloom Treasures Photography. Seeing great interest as a Value Added Service to the traditional photography offerings, especially in Real Estate and Commercial Marketing, I started pursuing a solid Professional Drone Photography service. Since that time, a tremendous amount of work has been done laying the foundation for Orbis Drone Services. Initially most of the work was in Real Estate imagery as an add-on to the real estate packages that Heirloom Treasures Photography offered. Feedback and interest was immediate. Since then we’ve added multiple professional aircraft, FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Remote Pilot license, commercial insurance, flight insurance, and eventually a whole new business!

Today we offer much more than just real estate aerials. Our most popular and requested services are Construction Progression and Site Security imaging. These services are perfect for the busy Engineer and Project Manager who simply don’t have the time to travel to each of the various construction projects just to take a quick look and see where they stand. Our offerings are perfect for this. In fact, many clients contract us for the duration of the project, receiving images and videos twice a week. They only need visit for Milestone Moments or for significant interactions necessary to move the project along.

We’ve recently increased our offerings to Pilot Training as well. This package has been popular with new pilots and even with clients who wish to start operation of their own drone programs. Keep checking back for updates to the blog. We’ll post up about what we’re doing and plan to do, plus share industry news about what’s going on and whats changing in the drone world.

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Scott Williams

Owner/Pilot - Orbis Drone Services

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